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Friday, November 4, 2011

Limbo’s Lament

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  1. Is there a prescribed mourning period for inspiration that has committed suicide?


  2. wow, how deep and profound this is,

    amazing job.

  3. I like this. I've definitely wished somebody would just say this is what you should do with your life/time/job/boyfriend/situation etc but let's face it if that happened I'd be like hell no! I know what it's like to have inspiration that has committed suicide. I'm glad your back. Thought provoking poems as always.

  4. what an elegant piece of poetry.

    inspiring words.

  5. Nice! Liked the whole thing--lots of strong lines and beautiful flow (interrupted only once by "yeild" :P) . I wrote a much shorter piece of a similar vein:

  6. loved your poetry, hope all is well.

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    best wishes.

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  10. Wouldn't it be so nice if life was color coded the green stuff now all red stuff between 23-29 avoid all yellow wires...sigh. Sometimes I think even if it was I'd be the one who was color blind :( I dig this for many reasons besides your impeccable use of language :P