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Sunday, November 7, 2010



  1. beautiful, bravo, encore!!! I just love your style. "Poesia" how pretty the sound.

  2. Sift through sunlit rubble
    For signs of a life
    He knows will never be

    * beautiful sad song


  3. Sad story about this 'hapless slave'. Beautifully composed.

  4. WOW.Poesia is so good...It is powerful and intense! I love this one. Thank you!:)

  5. wow... just wow. I wish I had an intelligent comment, but all I can do is bask in the words here, speechless.

  6. I was missing my beautiful poetry fix all week! Thanks for never disappointing. I love that phrase "inhales the truth." Your poetry is so beautiful and always makes me think. This one is just gorgeous!

  7. Just wanted to say thanks to all you great people who've been stopping by my little corner of the are some truly gracious folks.

    @ Shar...appreciate you sis ;-)

    @ and light always. ♥

    @ Philip...thank you sir.

    @'re welcome...and thank you for all the wonderful information you share in your blogs...I really dig that your knitting...that's madd cool.

    @ Abigail you're not the only one that is left speechless after reading...just about every time I check a new post of yours you keep me at a lost for words...what you do with words makes me want to write...(seriously if you want to read some great poetry check her won't be disappointed)

    @ make me laugh with the stories you share...I can only image what you do when you get on stage...(^_^)

  8. What a terrific opening lead me in to a romantic frame of mind, only to realise that it talks more of a hopeless addiction.

    There is such great beauty in your choice of words. (And perhaps a hint at how this affects you in your choice of title?)

    Thanks for sharing this.

  9. "for becoming her accidental prince"- there is greath pathos in this- you have a wonderful way with the look of your poem on parchment, and the way it rolls down the page........well done!

  10. this is quite beautiful and romantic...her slave, her accidental prince...lost in the beauty of her poetry....very nice....bkm

  11. dasuntoucha,
    I'm taken away by your wonderful words. So romantic, yet a little sad too.

    Beautifully written...
    Best wishes, Eileen :)

  12. Thanks for the thanks and compliments about my blog, but I seriously look forward to your posts! Your poetry is beautiful and deep. I'm glad I found your site and thanks for always reading all of my stories.

  13. Oh dear; I'm blushing. Thanks so much for your kind words, suntoucha, and for recommending my blog. I'd give you a big hug if you were right here. ^-^

  14. Fabulous,
    you captured the struggles vividly,
    being an accidental prince, wow.
    what a powerful case.
    keep shining.


    Special awards for you. Happy Sunday! xx
    Hope to see you at our potluck tonight.

  16. Thank you Dasuntoucha for the compliment!Knitting is mad cool and so zen:) Thank you for recommending Abigail's blog: I love it!!!Ciao

  17. always feel your word my fine friend...