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Monday, January 17, 2011

Autonomous Artifice


  1. I read it all the way through, but have to admit I didn't understand much. I think I am just to old to get all the new technological words.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment.

  2. Now I'm not as intelligent as you when it comes to writing, but i'd say you're telling me to trust in God, as we have entered a new age of control and illusions, designed to ruin us.

    You are so talented and socially aware. I love your talent!


  3. I love the 1984 part!

  4. Let's hope we won't get there very fast ... microprocessors to control us, we're anyway controlled and addicted way too much to technology.

    I enjoyed reading this poem, the terminology I got because this is what I've studied electronics and technologies :) when one understands the words, understands better the poem and yours was lovely to me!

  5. A very thought provoking poem...thank you for sharing.

  6. a scene out of a futuristic film and i must admit i get the chills with jargons that is out from my grasp haha! must prepare myself to brace the future with open arms! thank you for sharing! here's my potluck..

  7. Nice portrayal of the future! I guess we need electricity too to drive these things..and that might be in short supply! lol
    Great vocab here, really enjoyed reading it.


  8. fun word play,

    I guess you simply let your imagination run wild for this one,
    well done.

    keep rocking.

  9. I love the reference to "1984", a very imaginative write.

  10. "free will surely collapses
    under the onslaught
    of mechanized synapses"
    I am deeply impressed by that rhyme right there.

    I love that you write sci-fi themed poems; you don't find many poets with that interest. I've been on a bit of sci-fi kick myself. I wrote a dystopian-future-themed poem just the other day, on deviantArt. Here's the link if you would want to read it:

  11. what an anticeptic world it will the sci fi bent to this...great one shot

  12. Oh I loved this!
    I loved the rhythm of the words, the alliteration.
    Each stanza was compelling and rich with the promise of machine ruling man.

  13. 1984 was THE book when i was young...and then 1984 came and nothing happened...but we recently visited the physics university and they were telling us about their work and this made me feel a bit uneasy...brave new or yes? excellent write my friend

  14. Ooo, unsettling sci-fi-influenced postmodern piece. Good reference to 1984 - it certainly fits the image splendid, and the tone, the image, the word choice, all well writ. Dark look at the potential future, as man becomes more reliant on machine, and machine grows steadily more intelligent...let's hope Terminator isn't just around the bend. Good use of terminology as well.

  15. I love the theme and the sinister cadence in which you wrote. I'm a sci-fi junky so this was a joy to read :)

  16. this is a brillant take on the (now) because it is already the binary bliss phrase....well done....bkm

  17. Hal, please turn the life support back on..

  18. AWESOME!!!! This was like attending my Microprocessors class all over again!! And explained much better than my professors too :)
    "mainframe constructed clairvoyance" -- totally LOVED THIS! :)
    While reading this poem, I was immediately reminded of Welcome to the machine by Pink Floyd.. :)
    An amazing One Shot, this!! I think I am gonna hang this one on the wall above my desk!

  19. Thanks for reading "Poetic" on dA. Glad you liked it! I wasn't particularly thinking about chaos while writing it, but I guess I'm so fascinated with chaos that I don't have to consciously think about it for it to show up in my writing. I believe that chaos becomes order on a higher plane. Humans will never be able to comprehend the big picture; it all just seems random and pointless to us.
    I've seen Blade Runner; I liked it. In my opinion, Philip K. Dick's books don't translate to the screen very well, but Blade Runner has influenced sci-fi films a lot, so I respect it. Have you ever read anything by PKD? I haven't read all his works, but so far my favorite is "The Cosmic Puppets." I also highly recommend "Deus Irae", co-written with Roger Zelazny.
    I've never heard of Omni Magazine. I wonder if my library would have it? I love sci-fi short stories like the kind found in magazines.

  20. I loved "microchip metaphysics replacing pragmatic lust..delivering binary bliss remiss..."
    As always your rhythm perfectly flows!!! the sci-fi and the awareness ending is powerful!! Our perceptual reality is linked to our awareness. "We" are the perfect machine, full of contradictions and perfectly imperfect. We are "social animal" aware of our certain death beyond "synthetic satisfaction".
    Indeed binary bliss remiss!!! I love it!!
    Thank you!!!
    Ciao et a bientot

  21. Greetings, Happy Sunday! Blessings…

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  22. I got scared while reading your poem. I imagined a future that is dominated by androids, robots, and the like.